My journey has been far from linear, but nothing short of beautiful. From a young age I have loved the beauty industry. I attended beauty school in high school and went on to live many lives. Today I am certified in over 50 different techniques of artistry. From fine line tattooing, to mega volume eyelash extensions, to permanent make up, brows, web design, photography, and educating. For about 14 years I specialized in working in and owning salons. I created the first Mega Volume certification course and went on to start an apothecary.

Through the decades of being in arts and beauty, I saw the lack of education or direction for business owner's to create their digital presence and brand. From there, this agency was born. I wanted to create a space for business owners to turn to with their authentic concepts + ideas to turn into reality. I love working from start to finish with my clients to create their dream branding, a sturdy business foundation, and putting it all together into branded images + a website. When I'm not working I'm an herbalist, outdoor adventurist, dog mama, lavender oat milk lover!

My passion is designing business owners dream brand + digital presence through intentional strategy and creation.

Hello, I'm Ella

Let's Make Magic

A walk down memory lane

My midwest family moved to the desert. 


My love for fashion, art, beauty was supported by family and I wanted to design wedding dresses.



We grew up with grandparents who gave us the travel bug + let us believe in magic.


I grew up with my sister playing barbies and baby dolls. We loved setting up little businesses for our mom to "shop" at.

Class of 2012! I graduated + went looking for my first salon job while in college. I thought I would become an environmental engineer and settled for a law firm job.




After working in food and retail, I took another leap on my dreams + landed a salon manager position where I went on to be on news + music video sets.


I launched my apothecary + salon.



I created the first 2 day mega lash and crystal course. I went on tour teaching.


I lost my childhood best friend + lost my way. Losing her created the biggest "awakening" and blew my spiritual gifts back open.

After learning every skill in the beauty industry, 50 certifications later, I launched an agency to help support women in business.





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Let's go girls

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"I love to offer what I know will help in real-time and this has led me to 30 certifications."..

Interview of Owner & CEO  Ella